Amy Pay

Osteopath | Coach | PT | Pilates Instructor | Triathlete


I was so inspired by watching other 'normal' women absolutely killing it, I decided I wanted to too.

The first time I told someone that I was aiming for the European Championships, I felt my stomach flip and I laughed out loud. It really was a massive ask.

This seemingly crazy goal had grown from my frustration at feeling stuck, not improving and starting to lose the enjoyment in something that I actually really loved (maybe also partly to do with the fact I'm stupidly competitive!). With my fair share of injuries and health problems, pushing myself beyond my perceived limits would require lots of hard work and careful thought. In order not to break myself along the way, I had to put the whole package in place.

This is when I really started practicing what I preached and soon realised the benefits of blending my professional skills with a more traditional training plan. This was the first time I had ever been coached and I was lucky to have a great relationship with my coach who respected everything I had to tell him about what I needed. I added tactics, solutions and complementary methods that I would routinely suggest to my own clients into the plan he wrote. 

My intricate physiological understanding of the body and huge respect of the power of the mind, combined with my obsession with adventure quickly proved to be a powerful formula and is what led me to my success. I knew so many people who would benefit from this kind of input to their training and it felt natural to start sharing it with them! 

The whole process is absolutely fascinating and I love being the catalyst for others to discover and learn. It's a massive cliche, but genuinely, with the right guidance and a bucket load of commitment, you will get to where you dream of being.